Family Shelter


Family Shelter Program


Our 85-bed Family Shelter Campus provides an emergency shelter stay with intensive supportive services to homeless families with dependent children, including single fathers and males over the age of 14.

While we aim to help families reintegrate into stabile housing and employment within 30 days, the complex nature of homelessness may require up to 120 days to achieve a stable housing solution.  As a part of a larger coordinated effort to assist families out of homelessness and into permanent, stable housing options, Next Move participates in a county wide Coordinate Entry system.  Through a collaborative effort with Sacramento Steps Forward (SSF), homeless services providers are able to link households experiencing homelessness with viable housing options.

In our emergency shelter program, families have access to vital support and opportunities to address their barriers to being housed.  All households are assigned a program support team who provides case management, housing, employment and specialized children’s services.  This team offers supportive services that assist them in obtaining resources, take advantage of employment training and placement opportunities, develop a plan to secure housing and adopt positive lifestyle habits.

Children who experience homelessness encounter social, emotional, physical and mental hardship.  These experiences can be traumatic and impact normal development.  Children experiencing homelessness also endure the trauma of food and shelter insecurities.  With a majority of all persons served at our Campus being children, Next Move has taken great care to implement child/youth centered programming.

Our Children’s Services program is based in youth development principles and prevention strategies to encourage healthy development, as well as a place to begin the recovery process. Children are provided with case management services, academic support and recreational opportunities. Other programming includes community engagement opportunities, mentoring and life skills development.

At the heart of our mission, you will find people.  People who serve others in a pursuit of not only building a bridge toward greater self-reliance, but forging a road of hope beyond shelter.  A road that leads out of homelessness and into a community that responds to the needs of others with empathy and compassion.

To see if you qualify, please call: 916.455.2160

Services offered by a caring and supportive staff: