The Giving Season

As I sit across from Richard, he tells me his story. He was injured on the job and unable to work. With no income, there was no way he could pay his rent.

Richard’s wife was involved in drugs and alcohol and hit their 5-year-old son regularly with a hanger.

With tears in his eyes, Richard tells me he wants more for his son. “Without Next Move, I don’t know where we would be. They have helped us with counseling, a place to go, food, and just the basics.”

A new beginning.
Two years have passed and Richard now has a job with Sacramento County; he is moving out of the Next Move apartment and into one of his own. His son is a basketball-loving second grader.

“I still have tough days; my son asks for his mom. It’s hard to be Mom and Dad. But I know if I need help, that Next Move will be there.”

As the weather worsens, the need for housing spikes. People like you are helping to provide the funds and necessities that help thousands of individuals and families, like Richard, make it through the season.

You can help us reverse this trend and end our year strong, prepared to face whatever lies ahead.

Just mail a check to 2925 34th Street, Sacramento, CA 95817; give online –; or call 916-454-2120. We would love to hear from you!

With deep appreciation,

Rachel Wickland, Executive Director

P.S. Would you consider making a recurring commitment to get us through these cold winter months?  Any gift will help, so please make your donation today!

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