Next Move by the numbers (annual averages)

650 children, single women and families are served throughout our programs

56 percent of the children we serve are under the age of six

230 adults served

125 single women served

50 percent of our families found permanent housing

33 days is the average length of stay at Next Move, which is lower than any other comparable shelter in Sacramento

Next Move’s objective is to help get more individuals and families with children off the street, back to work, and back home.  With your help we are able to:

  • Help the growing number families who are turned away from our shelter each month due to lack of vacancy
  • Serve more individuals
  • Increase shelter classroom size so more children can learn, do their homework and stay on track in school
  • Serve more families
  • Expand our employment services, which will allow us to put more people back to work
  • Create an outdoor play area that kids of all ages will be able to take advantage of during this difficult period of temporary homelessness

To find out to help those who are experiencing homelessness each month, click here.