The holidays are always a time of year when people from all walks of life take time to celebrate each other, their children, and better days to come.  The Christmas holiday is about people’s thoughts and hearts surrendering to the season of giving.  Sharing without looking for anything in return is the Christmas spirit.  It is mainly about finding time to make someone else feel special.

I would like to send a big thanks and appreciation to the donors that adopted families and donated Secret Santa bags, even though they never have the opportunity of seeing the recipients.  This holiday season, I had the wonderful privilege and opportunity of distributing presents to families.  These families fall under the umbrella of the many programs that the Next Move organization provides to low-income families in the Sacramento County area.  Seeing the children’s face light up with joy when receiving gifts was an experience that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Receiving a hug from a child or parent as thanks or appreciation for making their holiday season memorable is a beautiful feeling.  The emotions and feelings I receive when helping a family in need are absolutely unbelievable.

Working at the Next Move organization and being introduced to so many wonderful people gives me the motivation to continue serving others in my community, less fortunate than myself.  I witnessed your contributions give hope to families who were convinced no one really cared.  On behalf of the clients thank you, donors, for finding the time to make someone else’s life a more beautiful space to be in.  A helping hand sometimes makes all the difference in the world.  Changing lives one day at a time.

Kenyatta Arnold, Youth Development Specialist, at Next Move